How to Find and Apply for Scholarships: Tips for High School Students



If you’re a high school student looking for money to fund your education, then you’ve probably already realized how much it costs. Even if your family is able to pay for college, there’s still the cost of textbooks, supplies and other expenses on top of tuition fees. Say’s  Dr. Charles Noplis ,fortunately, there are scholarships available that can help reduce these costs by covering part or all of your tuition. But where do you start? Here are some tips and advice from experts on how to find and apply for scholarships:

Look for scholarships that are related to your interests.

As you search for scholarships, look for ones that are related to your interests. If you’re interested in environmental science, there might be a scholarship for students who want to study that subject. If you want to become an author, check out the many writing contests available and see if any of them are right for you.

If you’re unsure what path might interest you most, it’s okay not to have all the answers right now–and there is no need to commit yourself solely based on what scholarships are available. The best thing about high school is that it’s still early enough in life where most options remain open!

Start searching early.

You should start searching for scholarships in the fall of your junior year and continue to do so throughout the spring. Some scholarship deadlines are as early as October, so you’ll want to look into those first. If you don’t find anything that fits your needs and interests at that point, check back again closer to April or May.

You can also use this time period as an opportunity for research: look into different types of scholarships available (e.g., essay contests vs. awards based on merit) and think about what might be most beneficial for you personally!

Find scholarship opportunities on your own.

You can find scholarships on your own by searching the internet and through local organizations. There are many free resources available to students, including:

  • Scholarship databases
  • College and university websites (such as those of your high school counselors)
  • Local library or community center

Seek out assistance from teachers and counselors.

You can also find scholarships by searching online. The Internet is a wonderful place to look for financial aid, but you should be careful when applying for a scholarship online. Be sure that the organization offering the scholarship is legitimate and check out its website before providing any personal information or submitting an application.

If your school has a counselor or other staff member who specializes in college and career planning, ask him or her about available scholarships and how to apply for them. Your guidance counselor may have access to more than one thousand different types of awards and could be able to provide some helpful tips on how best to go about finding them!


With these tips and resources, you can find a scholarship that suits your interests and needs. The key is to start early and keep searching!

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